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Mary Lord, who has been on the board since 2007 in a ward seat, deserves election in her at-large bid. She understands the role of the state board and has smart ideas on how to sustain school reform.” – The Washington Post endorsement 10/28/12

“…Ms. Lord is the clear choice.” The Current Newspapers, 9/26/2012
“Five incumbents are running unopposed… They bring valuable experience to education reform, and their return bodes well for the board.” — Washington Post editorial, 11/1/08

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“If you are going to add all this weight” to testing, “hanging the principals’ reputations … and the teachers’ pay on it, you have to make sure it is totally accurate,” Lord says.

– From USA Today series on test cheating, 3/28/11

Radio Appearances

DC Adopts Next Generation Science Standards  WeACT Radio, Education Town Hall with host Thomas Byrd and Virginia Spatz. Hosts tackled a hands-on engineering design problem on air and found that, as in real life, there is no one right answer in the teacher’s answer sheet! 12/19/2013

What have We Learned from the Quality Schools Conversation? WeACT Radio Education Town Hall with host Thomas Byrd, Ward 5 Council on Education president Faith Hubbard and Ward 8 State Board of Education candidate Phil Pannell. 1480 AM WPWC 8/30/12

Public vs. Private Schooling: Is There a Wrong Answer? NPR’s Tell Me More with Michel Martin, debating the Obama’s school choice for Sasha and Malia, 11/17/08

Testimony before the Council

Media mentions for Mary Lord’s 2008 bid for DC State Board of Education:

In an editorial on Saturday November 1, 2008, the Washington Post endorsed Mary Lord and the current State Board of Education saying:
“Since the mayoral takeover of D.C. schools, much has been made of the powers taken from the board.  Overlooked are the powers the reconstituted board possesses — its vital role in shaping academics and student learning.  Voters who care about ongoing school reform should give careful attention Tuesday to their choices for the State Board of Education….This year’s election will mark the board’s return to an all-elected status with single-ward representation and one at-large seat.  Five incumbents are running unopposed: Ted Trabue for the at-large seat, Mary Lord in Ward 2, Laura McGiffert Slover in Ward 3, Sekou Biddle in Ward 4 and Lisa Raymond in Ward 6.They bring valuable experience to education reform, and their return bodes well for the board. — Washington Post Editorial
Here’s what the editors of the Current Newspapers said on Wednesday, October 29, 2008:
“We are glad to see the continued involvement of existing members who have overseen the transition into a body with authority over educational standards and accountability measures.  Incumbents Sekou Biddle, Mary Lord, Laura McGiffert Slover are running unopposed for ward seats.  They would likely have garnered our support, even if they had challengers” — Northwest Current
A letter to the editor on page 13 of that same Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Northwest Current newspaper sums up the vital role of the State Board of Education:
“When it comes to hot campaign issues, election reform tops almost every City Council candidate’s agenda, according to your Voters Guide.  Yet the elected officials with the greatest authority over policies that affect [sic] all schools are the members of the DC State Board of Education.  And each of the board’s nine seats is on next week’s ballot. “ — Northwest Current
A day later later the Washington Post published its useful Washington Post Voters Guide for DC Races.  In an accompanying article, School Board Returns to Elected Membership (October 30, 2008, page DZ01) Staff Writer Timothy Wilson observes:
” After eight years, the former D.C. Board of Education will return to an all-elected body as the D.C. State Board of Education after Tuesday’s election “ — Washington Post
NewsChannel 8‘s Voter Guide has video on demand from their Meet Candidate Mary Lord program.