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Mary Lord 2012, Treasurer Sherri Oliver
1320 21st Street NW, Suite 106
Washington, DC 20036

Please include your employer and occupation with any donation. D.C. campaign regulation requires this campaign to solicit employer data. If you do not have an employer or are retired, please indicate employers as N/A. If you are self-employed indicate “self-employed” as employer and describe your occupation.

$500 is the maximum contribution allowed per individual to candidates for the DC State Board of Education. Donations are not tax deductible.

A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance


To volunteer on election day (November 6th), hold a Meet and Greet, get a campaign yard or window sign, man the campaign phone banks, or otherwise help please send an email to

And please tell  your friends about Mary’s campaign. Word-of-mouth is a great way to turn out the vote.

Mary Lord 2012, Sherri Oliver, Treasurer. A copy of our report is filed with the Director of Campaign Finance.