Mary’s Accomplishments

In five years of serving on the D.C. State Board of Education, my colleagues and I have built a solid foundation for sustained progress in student achievement and school reform – and an impressive track record of results:
  • Adopted the District’s first-ever learning standards for health, physical education, world languages, early childhood education, music, and the arts—so our kids get a balanced education and schools join the fight against our city’s soaring rates of childhood obesity and teen HIV/AIDS;
  • Approved measures to support top-notch educators, including making “effectiveness” part of licensing and recertification;
  • Saved the citywide Intel science & engineering fair from falling through the bureaucratic cracks in 2012;
  • Opened opportunities for two graduating high school seniors each year to represent the District of Columbia at the prestigious National Youth Science Camp in West Virginia; 

    Capital City PCS graduate Israel Nunez was a 2012 NYSC delegate

  • Advocated for science, arts, and vocational education, including working with teachers to analyze new literacy, math, and forthcoming science standards;
  •  Engaged parents, students, educators, and experts in regular public hearings and community forums;
  •  Helped the District win $75 million in federal Race to the Top funds, ensuring reforms continue;
  • Worked with the State Superintendent’s office to engage the public and craft a winning No Child Left Behind waiver proposal, which now allows us to measure student progress and “growth” rather than flunking schools that fail to meet reading and math benchmarks.

Special Brownie Points: